I teach the popular Negotiations and Bargaining elective. It is a course that neatly juxtaposes theoretical perspectives with applied insights to improve students’ bargaining and analytic skills. It is a highly experiential course, providing hands-on practice across a multitude of different negotiation scenarios. Building on this and recent work with founders, PEs and VCs, in 2024, I will be launching a new elective, Entrepreneurial Negotiations.

I co-designed with David Faro, the new elective Crisis Leadership and Human Behaviour Programme. Utilizing an immersive crisis simulation, we draw on behavioural sciences to inform the human factors that make or break leadership in volatile and uncertain environments.


In addition to currently serving as the chair of the LBS PhD programme, I am actively involved with PhD development through teaching PhD level seminars, and PhD supervision. I currently co-teach the PhD methods seminar. In the past, I have taught courses on the Philosophy of Science, as well as seminars on Social Hierarchy and Self and Identity. Please email if interested in these syllabi. My current and past PhD students and their research can be found below:


Niro Sivanathan

I designed and served as the Academic Director on the Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders Programme. Designed for those stepping into their first leadership role, it is an evidence-based exploration of topics ranging from decision-making and teams to negotiations and influence.

I co-designed with Florin Vasvari and serve as one of the Academic Directors on the Private Equity Negotiations Programme. We draw on research and practice to extract the commercial, behavioural and psychological drivers that help successfully negotiate and design value-creating private deals.


I advise executives, speak at corporate events and run corporate training/workshops on topics such as Influence & Persuasion, Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, and Decision-Making. A sample of current and past clients are: