Kakkar, H., & Sivanathan, N. (2021)

The Impact of Leader Dominance on Employees’ Zero-Sum Mindset and Helping Behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Publications Leader influence, social learning, dominance, zero-sum mindset, helping
Wang, C. S., Deng, Y., Wang, L., Sivanathan, N., Kim, Y. C., & Aime, F. (2021)

Culture and patterns of reciprocity: The role of exchange type, regulatory focus, and emotions. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 47, 20-41.

Publications Reciprocity, Social exchange, Culture, Regulatory focus, Emotions, Escalation of commitment
Kakkar, H., Sivanathan, N., & Gobel, M. (2020)

Falling from grace: Downfall of high-status actors cloaked with dominance or prestige. Academy of Management Journal, 63, 530-553.

Publications Dominance, Prestige, Transgression, Status
Kakkar, H., Sivanathan, N., & Pettit, N. (2019)

The impact of dynamic status changes within competitive rank ordered hierarchies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116, 23011-23020.

Publications Status, social rank, Psychological momentum, Threat, Competition
Sivanathan, N., & Kakkar, H. (2017)

The unintended consequences of argument dilution in direct-to-consumer drug advertisements. Nature Human Behaviour, 1, 797-802.

Publications Argument Dilution, DTC Ads, Judgements, Influence
Kakkar, H., & Sivanathan, N. (2017)

When the appeal of a dominant leader is greater than a prestige leader. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114, 6734–6739.

Publications Dominance, Prestige, Uncertainty, Personal control, Leadership emergence
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The role of social status and testosterone in human conspicuous consumption: An experimental Study. Nature Scientific Reports, 7, 11803.

Publications Conspicuous consumption, Status signalling, Testosterone, Competition, Entitlement
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Publications Status, Self-threat, Consumption, WTP

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