Evolving Leadership: Why It Might Be Time To Try An Empathetic Approach


26. February 2019.

Fear of the unknown

London Business School Review

01. November 2017.

Cash no longer king as contactless payments soar in UK stores

The Guardian

12. July 2017.

Voters facing economic uncertainty prefer a dominant leader

The Washington Post

26. June 2017.

In Hard Times, Voters Choose Assertive Leaders Over Respected Ones


15. June 2017.

From Hitler to Trump: populist leaders profit from fear

The Times

13. June 2017.

Why voters might be choosing dominant, authoritarian leaders around the world


12. June 2017.

Whoops: Drug ads gloss over risks with a mind trick—that’s backed by the FDA

Ars Technica

17. January 2017.

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